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Learning Center Information

SIGMA Software Factory Learning Center is currently training scheme implanted in SIGMA University Management since 2009.

The purpose is to train new professionals in the values ​​that the company searches the people who integrate the family of SIGMA (responsibility, commitment, teamwork, personal growth and motivation) and capture talent.

Practices are developed in an environment of teamwork, where each of the trainees constantly interacts with the rest of the group. Students grow following a methodology and learn to make decisions. Evolve being creative while following the guidelines of working in a team project, all promoted in an environment based on open source Linux distribution Kubuntu.

The project's success is reflected in the very high levels of satisfaction obtained, allowing us to expand our family in 67 people over and giving international prestige with the successful case study (ID: G00213299) the Learning Center of the American consulting firm Gartner Inc.

The following graph shows the student lifecycle within practices.

Content practices

AThe practice plan complete the 330 hours of practice focused on knowledge of development tools and frameworks used in SIGMA standard.

BThe practices are complemented by external training imparted by university professors, and includes the development of skills both technical and professional development.

CDuring the development of practical implementations will be made and small evolutionary changes to products, but not in a production environment.

  JAVA knowledge is required for the correct development of practices.