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SIGMA Software Factory case study published by Gartner

Gartner, one of the world’s leading consultants for the study of ICT companies has recently published a report on the SIGMA production model, which highlights the commercial benefits obtained from social responsibility carried out through the creation and development of the SIGMA Software Factory Learning Center.

The report highlights how the strategic objective for greater participation in the educational community becomes a benefit that improves efficiency in software production and also facilitates training and the attraction of new talent.

Gartner rates the SIGMA Software Factory Learning Center; not only does it offer training opportunities but it also offers students their first contact with the world of employment and an opportunity to contribute to a real increase in productivity. In order to do that the key is measurement of production to facilitate continuing improvement through defined performance indicators.

The document underlines that the success of the initiative is due to the fact that companies can improve their productivity at a considerably lower cost given that the different indicators obtained give the cost for development in the Factory at 20% the cost of the same development carried out by the SIGMA programming teams.

The report concludes that a good strategy in corporate social responsibility , inherent in companies working with the educational community, is not only an act of goodwill but it also provides tangible results using the correct strategy.