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Training Program


The Training Program is the road map of the training plan and consists of three distinct phases that will be addressed over the practices aimed at 330h. In each of the modules in which each phase is divided formations are different levels of theoretical and practical exercises to be the student who set their level of evolution.

Introduction phase

Formations are included that introduce the student to the tools and business workflow, together with the bases so they can progress as are the formations of the Frontend, the Javascript + JQuery and Listings by generating XML-XSLT.

Expansion Phase

Training in the frameworks of SCS, USES, FS3 (Spring + Hibernate + Icefaces) and production tools (Selenium, JUnit, test regressive, Sonar and Hudson). In addition, we extend their knowledge in JAVA, with training that makes a university professor of the college Gimbernat. In this phase is very present, as also undertake the training of UML, user-centered design and Teamwork.

Consolidation Phase

Once assimilated all the knowledge we turn to the last phase of the training program which aims to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the previous four months. The purpose is that students learn to develop technical documents already made previously, framing the stage like a real production environment in question. Finally the student makes a ANDROID training to learn how to create applications for mobile devices.

In summary, the chart below shows the path that the student will draw on its passage through the Learning Center